Pico Duarte training tips

Why do you need to be in shape for this experience?

Pico Duarte is a mental and physical challenge for anyone who attempts it. The vast majority of our clients goes for the first time to this mountain and doesn’t have the skills nor previous experience in this kind of trip where the will, soul and body will be tested.

The best warranty to successfully hike the highest peak in the Caribbean is to start a good and consistent training program if you don´t want to ride our docile and strong mules.

The shortest route to Pico Duarte is the one called «La Cienaga» which comprehends a 46 kilometers (29 miles) round trip hike.

On this route you will experience long hills upwards and downards which will test your knees, lungs and stamina.

These are some of the exercises we recommend you to do before attempting Pico Duarte:

  1. Climbing stairs:

Two sessions per week / 30-40 minutes per session.

The more intense your session is the better. You should simulate the mountain as much as possible and the stairs will give you the best scenario for this.

  1. Abs:

This is essential for a mountain climber. This exercise will give you the strength you need for hiking upwards and downwards.

This muscle group gets stronger with a good previous training some weeks before your trip.

We recommend two sessions per week / 20 minutes per session.

Remember the more intense your session is the better.

  1. Cardio:

Just by the fact of being at Pico Duarte your heart rate will increase significantly and this is because of the altitude where this excursion will take place.

If you add to this a long hike in a steep mountain terrain you immediately notice that having a good cardiovascular base will be essential for this adventure.

You have a wide range of exercises you can try to strengthen the cardio and improve your stamina.

  • Biking
  • Running (Be careful with your knees)
  • Swimming
  • Cross-Fit
  • Long distance walking

By last:

How long before my Pico Duarte trip do i need to start the training?

This is a good question.

Our recommendation is that you start inmediately. If you want to have a good and nice trip you need to start your training at least 45 days before the trip and this is because your body needs time to adapt to the stress of the exercise.

Remember, the best exercise to successfully climb a mountain is to simulate the mountain itself and if you have the opportunity to hike a smaller mountain before your Pico Duarte trip, do not hesitate and do it!

If you have any question, our staff is ready to assist you in our WhatsApp number: 1-809-974-0036