God´s Valley


Photo Friendly 3 Hours 3+ People

Valle de Dios

This is a place where you can test your hiking and camping skills. Located inside the borders of La Humeadora Reserve in the San Cristóbal province here you will find a pure wilderness and beauty everywhere. Our next group excursion here will be on July 17th to 18th, 2021. We include: ☆ Transportation from Santo Domingo ☆ Certified local guides ☆ Staff with international experience ☆ Mules for your luggage (18 pounds of luggage maximum per person) ☆ Option to rent taxi mules in advance ☆ Cooks for our group ☆ Permits fees to La Humeadora National Park ☆ Documentation and prior advice by email, calls or whatsapp with our staff ☆ Camping in Valle de Dios ☆ Radio communication between guides ☆ We include tents if you will sleep with 2 or more people ☆ Tent rental for 1 person (If you want to sleep alone or alone) ☆ Visit to the Rio Colorao (The only red river in the country) ☆ Visit + bath time confluence Río Mahomita and Río Colorao ☆ Visit + waterfall bath time in Santana at the end of the excursion ☆ Campfire ☆ Lots of fun! ☆ Meals included: ∙ Day 1: Lunch and dinner ∙ Day 2: Breakfast and lunch ∙ Coffee / Hot chocolate *** Does not include breakfast on Saturday *** *** Does not include walking snacks *** Price US$90 Reserve in advance We also offer private excursion to this place on any date you want.

Nice place to shoot

Professional Guide


We offer transportation from / to Santo Domingo.

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Trip Itinerary

Day 1

6:00 AM - Departure from Santo Domingo
10:00 AM - Arrival Base Camp / Hike
2:00 PM - Arrival God´s Valley
Time in the River

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septiembre 2021
Lun Mar Mié Jue Vie Sáb Dom

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