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How to get to base camp?


We will provide a lot of info for your next adventure

What to Bring

From snacks to your cold weather clothes.


Getting to Pico Duarte base camp is easy. The road is well paved and properly signposted. 

Having internet access is a great tool if you want to drive around DR.

If you use Google Maps you will get there easily by typing «Caseta Cienaga de Manabao». 

We will also keep contact with you by whatsapp texts or calls so you can get there with no inconvenience.

We have all kinds of SUV´s and VANS for your next adventure and we can include transportation from any city or airport in DR.

Feel free to ask our prices. 

Driving in Dominican Republic is easy. However it would be useful to have Google Maps to avoid getting lost.

Trip Preparation

In order to hike Pico Duarte you need to be in great physical shape and mindset. It is a tough hike, so it´s important to take into account any medical condition that might jeopardize your expedition.

Yes! We have Valle de Dios which is an easier hike than Pico Duarte. It´s a far less known place but offers a good hike session and great camping experience in the woods.

We also offer Valle Nuevo. This is the highest plateau in the Caribbean region. It´s great for camping, outdoor sightseeing and it is easily accessed with our 4×4 SUV´s.

Once the trip is confirmed, we will have a pre-trip session and share a few documents that will be useful for your preparation. Also, our staff will be in contact with you beforehand for any inquiries and doubts.

What to Bring

1 Duffel bag (20-25 pounds max.)

1 Backpack (20-35 liters)

1 Rain coat

1 Headlamp or Flashlight with its batteries

1 Water bottle (You can refill during the hike)

Snacks for each hike

1 Long pant

2 Short pants

1 Bathing suit

3 T-shirts

3 Underclothing

3 Pairs of socks

1 Hat

1 Pair of hiking boots or sneakers

1 Pair of sandals

1 Pair of gloves

2 Light jackets (0-10 degrees C°)

1 Wool hat or beanie

Toothbrush and toothpaste



Toilet paper

☆Professional local guides

☆Radio-communication between guides

☆Local cook

☆First-Aid Kit

☆National Park permit fees

☆Ministry of Environment COVID19 permits

☆Cargo mules for your luggage (20-25 Pounds max each person)

☆Mules for assistance

☆Clean sleeping bags

☆Clean tents

☆Sleeping pads

☆Watch the highest sunrise in the Caribbean

☆Pico Duarte commemorative patch

☆Previous advisories and documents by our staff

☆Dominican meals at each camp

☆Fruit brindis


☆Hot chocolate

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